Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello or Hello again,

Hello and Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

     Whatever it may be when you are viewing this. Sad to say we have really neglected the Blog but our website is up and running Also have a twitter account that is updated through our Facebook page @OCVapor.

     Our Facebook page is:

     Our store front is located on the Northeast side of the square in Paoli, IN.

     My Name is Tim Morris, I am one of the owners of OCV and the one usually at our B&M location. I am not much of a blogger and I actually think this is the first time I have ever posted a blog comment. Nina who you have seen post once or twice was "supposedly" going to be the one taking care of the Blog. I usually try and handle the store business and when I can troll the vaping groups on Facebook (Usually Vapers Helping Vapers, & Vapors groups) and occasionally post on Facebook or derail a thread or two.

     I figured we really needed to toss up some of our more common links maintained a little more often than our very neglected Blog page especially since being posted on Hoosier Vapers website linked our Blog page instead of our website or Facebook page.

     I ask if your a Vaper in the area like us, follow us, and stop in and visit sometime we appreciate any business that is thrown our way. As they say Keep calm and Vape on.



Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hi there, Nina here to give you a quick update.
We got our webpage purchased and hope to have it built soonish.
I got a few house flavors mixed, they are aging nicely.
Most of our orders are now in and soon it will be time to open our doors!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Making a list...checking it..wait..where did my list go??

Hey folks, Nina here, I created this blog to not only entertain but also educate. I plan to have the progress of our business as well as the crew that makes the whole thing work. Personal bios of each member of the team as well as our random mussings.

First things first, after the inicial idea was set into motion, each of us got a role to play. We knew what we wanted and had an idea how to get it. Several days of research and talks...more research...

We now had several of the boring legal items done, a few rough drafts of dry read and contract of sorts. Can thank Tim and his ability to go days without sleep for that one!
We had our name, our TIN and our email. Our store was already sitting ready, minus a store front and inventory. Not to mention a full cleaning over haul that was looming in our midst....

I was instructed to do the advertising side, media, web and logo. Not to mention I will be making our juice. I like the title Brew Master! thanks Trent. But more about that in later posts.

My list:
Create logo
Business cards
Create design and maintain our website (stay tuned for that)
Create Facebook page
Open a Twitter account
And as a personal touch this blog!

What I have done:
Got Twitter up and running, you can find us at @OCVapor
Got blog running
Have several very rough sketches of logos
Came up with a name for our house brand liquids!!

In the begining....

    An idea is formed, nurtured and composed, then finally popped into existence.

                                    And a resounding pop it was.
The OCV is proud to share with you the adventures of how we began!

The idea wasn't a new one, nor was it the idea of one, but of an assembly of motley folk!